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Cottontail Doll Designs is the newest brand created for a specific doll clientele. Ruby Red Fashion Friends have caught the collector world by storm and I felt the need to contribute my designs and seamstress skills to their ever-changing wardrobes. Cottontail Doll Designs is a sister company to Darling Lil' Bee fashions for Little Darling dolls as well as to Cupcake Cutie Pie a brand catering to American Girl dolls.

My story, however, begins much earlier when my mother, Jackie, instilled in me at a very young age the love of dolls and their world of accessories and beautiful ensembles. She lovingly made the clothing that my dolls wore using quality material, snaps, buttons and zippers to ensure they would become our own family heirlooms in time. When I was blessed with my own daughter in 1998, I too found the calling to create wardrobes for my little girl's dolls. Disappointed with the declining quality of mass produced doll clothing, I decided to start making them myself. Enter my first sewing machine, a gift from my mom. That sewing machine traveled with me all over the US and Germany, inspiring classic and modern doll creations. Fast forward 10 years later to 2008 and the creation of Cupcake Cutie Pie as a brand. Due to overwhelming requests and glowing compliments, my mom and I endeavored to start our own business making beautiful American Girl and Bitty Baby creations for others outside our family. We decided at that time that our creations should be unique to each customer and so the idea of one of a kind doll clothing was established. Since then we have created new designs unique to our brand alone and receive custom requests on a regular basis for unique outfits or character look a likes. We believe that quality materials and fastening methods will ensure these items become family heirlooms for new families and their dolls. In 2014 we released our first two of five 18" doll patterns commissioned by Simplicity patterns. Simplicity again released a Cupcake Cutie Pie design in 2018 with our first Wellie Wisher pattern.

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2014 also started my interest in Dianna Effner's hand painted Little Darlings dolls. I had seen these little lovelies on pinterest and finally discovered where they came from. I knew I had to have one for my own and once I received her in late 2014 the inspiration bug struck again. With their delicate hand painted faces, sewing for these beauties has been a delight. My sewing focus shifted fully into the adult doll collector market with Little Darling dolls.

After several years of collecting and sewing for Little Darlings a new doll came on the scene - Ruby Red Fashion Friends, also created from a Dianna Effner sculpt. With another daughter in the target age for dolls I purchased Bella in 2019 as a Christmas gift, soon after I started my own collection of RRFF to sew for. As with all my previous doll sewing interests, I feel an outfit isn't complete without the shoes. Launching Cottontail Doll Designs in 2020 afforded me the opportunity to work closely with a factory to develop my own line of shoes specifically made for Ruby Red Fashion Friends. I currently offer 17 different styles of shoes in over 150 colors, the largest selection of footwear for RRFF found anywhere! I also discovered that many of my shoe designs fit Liz Frost's 45cm BJD as well as Kathe Kruse La Bella dolls - Bonus!

2022 was a big year for Cottontail Doll Designs, I became an authorized dealer for Ruby Red Fashion Friends and I was introduced to Anderson Art Dolls' Ava BJD. Similar in size to RRFF, I have added these beautiful girls to my lineup of dolls I actively sew for. With three Ava dolls and 1 Poppy pixie doll these girls are definitely keeping me busy! Working with Sandy of Anderson Art Dolls has been a true delight and I'm excited to see what the future holds for her creations and how they will continue to inspire my own sewing adventures.

As with all my creations, one of a kind ensembles are my trademark to ensure that everyone will always have a unique and custom wardrobe for their little doll. My passion for doll design and collecting has enriched my life creatively and I hope to bring a bit of loveliness to other doll collectors as well. As a mother I understand the importance of dolls to all of our little girls and their creative and nurturing instincts. As a collector I value the desire to cherish memories from our own childhood and to forever hold a piece of beauty and workmanship embodied in dolls. As a business, I strive to create quality ensembles that stand the test of time to become your own treasures.